Definition of negative

Definition of negative
  1. negative Adjective not positive or neutral
  2. negative Adjective pessimistic; not tending to see the bright side of things.
  3. negative Adjective damaging; undesirable; unfavourable
  4. negative Adjective of number, less than zero
  5. negative Adjective of electrical charge of an electron and related particles
  6. negative Noun an image in which dark areas represent light ones, and the converse
  7. negative Noun a word that indicates negation
  8. negative Noun a negative quantity
  9. negative Noun refusal or withholding of assents; veto
  10. negative Noun A rep performed with weight in which the muscle begins at maximum contraction and is slowly extended; a movement performed using only the eccentric phase of muscle movement.
  11. negative Verb To veto
  12. negative Verb To contradict
  13. negative Verb To disprove
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