Definition of necked

Definition of necked
  1. necked Adjective Having some specific type of neck
  2. necked Adjective Cracked.
  3. necked Verb Past of neck
  4. neck Noun The part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals.
  5. neck Noun The corresponding part in some other anatomical contexts.
  6. neck Noun The part of a shirt, dress etc., which fits a person's "neck".
  7. neck Noun The tapered part of a bottle toward the opening.
  8. neck Noun The slender tubelike extension atop an archegonium, through which the sperm swim to reach the egg.
  9. neck Noun The extension of any stringed instrument on which a fingerboard is mounted
  10. neck Verb To hang by the neck; strangle; kill, eliminate
  11. neck Verb To make love; to snog; to intently kiss or cuddle.
  12. neck Verb To drink rapidly.
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