Definition of natural

Definition of natural
  1. natural Adjective That which exists and evolved within the confines of an eco-system.
  2. natural Adjective Of or relating to nature.
  3. natural Adjective Without artificial additives.
  4. natural Adjective As expected.
  5. natural Adjective Almost white, with tints of grey, yellow or brown.
  6. natural Adjective The color of a material that has not been adjusted or added to.
  7. natural Adjective Neither sharp nor flat. Denoted ?.
  8. natural Adjective Without, or prior to, modification or adjustment.
  9. natural Noun A native inhabitant of a place, country etc.
  10. natural Noun A note that is not or is no longer to be modified by an accidental, or the symbol ? used to indicate such a note.
  11. natural Noun One with an innate talent at or for something.
  12. natural Noun An almost white colour, with tints of grey, yellow or brown; originally that of natural fabric.
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