Definition of muted

Definition of muted
  1. muted Verb Past of mute
  2. mute Adjective Silent; not making a sound.
  3. mute Adjective Not having the power of speech.
  4. mute Noun A person who does not have the power of speech.
  5. mute Noun An acting part where no speaking (and in opera, no singing) is required.
  6. mute Noun An object for dulling the sound of an instrument, especially a brass instrument, or damper for pianoforte; a sordine.
  7. mute Noun One refusing to speak.
  8. mute Noun An undertaker's assistant.
  9. mute Noun The deadening of an appliance's or musical instrument's volume.
  10. mute Noun In falconry, a "mute" is a hawk's or falcon's droppings, particularly more solid ones which fall down. (See slice.)
  11. mute Noun In wine making, "mute", from the French, is the grape juice from pressed grapes kept aside in chilled stainless steel tanks and used at later stages of wine making by adding to the dry wine base to achieve the desired residual sugar level in the final product. (Usually spelled "muté " in this case and pronounced "mju:te".)
  12. mute Verb To silence, to make quiet.
  13. mute Verb To turn off the sound of.
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