Definition of meet

Definition of meet
  1. meet Verb To come face to face with by accident; to encounter.
  2. meet Verb To come face to face with someone by arrangement.
  3. meet Verb To be introduced to someone.
  4. meet Verb To converge and finally touch or intersect.
  5. meet Verb to gather for a formal discussion.
  6. meet Verb To satisfy; to comply with.
  7. meet Verb To touch or hit something while moving.
  8. meet Verb To adjoin, be physically touching
  9. meet Verb To come together in conflict.
  10. meet Verb (sports) To play a match.
  11. meet Verb To meet face-to-face.
  12. meet Noun A sports competition, especially for athletics or swimming.
  13. meet Noun A gathering of riders, their horses and hounds for the purpose of foxhunting.
  14. meet Noun A meeting of two trains in opposite directions on a single track, when one is put into a siding to let the other cross. (Antonym: a pass.)
  15. meet Noun A meeting.
  16. meet Noun the greatest lower bound, an operation between pairs of elements in a lattice, denoted by the symbol \and (mnemonic: half an M)
  17. meet Noun An act of French kissing someone
  18. meet Adjective suitable; right; proper
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