Definition of listed

Definition of listed
  1. listed Verb Past of list
  2. listed Adjective entered on a list, especially an official one
  3. listed Adjective protected from demolition or alteration
  4. list Noun A strip of fabric, especially from the edge of a piece of cloth.
  5. list Noun Material used for cloth selvage.
  6. list Noun The palisades or barriers used to fence off a space for tilting or jousting tournaments.
  7. list Noun A register or roll of paper consisting of an enumeration or compilation of a set of possible items.
  8. list Noun A codified representation of a list, used to store data or in processing; especially, in the LISP programming language, a data structure consisting of a sequence of zero or more items.
  9. list Verb To create or recite a list.
  10. list Verb To place in listings.
  11. list Verb To listen
  12. list Noun a tilting or careening manoeuvre, which causes the ship to roll. Usually used to describe tilting not under a ship's own power.
  13. list Noun a tilt to a building.
  14. list Verb to carry out such a manoeuvre
  15. list Verb To be pleasing to.
  16. list Verb To wish, like, desire (to do something).
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