Definition of links

Definition of links
  1. links Noun Plural of link
  2. links Verb Third-person singular of link
  3. links Noun A golf course, especially one situated on dunes by the sea.
  4. link Noun A connection between places, persons, events, or things.
  5. link Noun One element of a chain or other connected series.
  6. link Noun The connection between busses or systems.
  7. link Noun Shortened form of hyperlink, especially one implemented in HTML.
  8. link Noun A space comprising one or more disjoint knots.
  9. link Noun a thin wild bank of land splitting two cultivated patches and often linking two hills.
  10. link Verb To connect two or more things.
  11. link Verb To contain a hyperlink to another page.
  12. link Noun A torch, used to light dark streets.
  13. link Verb To skip or trip along smartly.
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