Definition of knot

Definition of knot
  1. knot Noun A looping of a piece of string or of any other long, flexible material that cannot be untangled without passing one or both ends of the material through its loops.
  2. knot Noun A tangled clump.
  3. knot Noun A maze-like pattern.
  4. knot Noun A closed curve that is an abstraction of a knot (in sense 1 above).
  5. knot Noun A difficult situation.
  6. knot Noun Either of two species of small wading birds, the red knot "(Calidris canutus)" and the great knot "(Calidris tenuirostris)".
  7. knot Noun The whorl left in lumber by the base of a branch growing out of the tree's trunk.
  8. knot Noun Local swelling in a tissue area, especially skin, often due to injury.
  9. knot Noun A group of people or things.
  10. knot Verb To form into a knot; tie with (a) knot(s).
  11. knot Verb To form wrinkles in the forehead, as a sign of concentration, concern, surprise, etc.
  12. knot Noun A unit of speed, equal to one nautical mile per hour.
  13. knot Noun A nautical mile
  14. knot Noun one of a variety shore bird; the red-breasted sandpiper (variously "Calidris canutus" or "Tringa canutus")
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