Definition of knockdown

Definition of knockdown
  1. knockdown Noun An act of knocking down or the condition of being knocked down.
  2. knockdown Noun An overwhelming blow.
  3. knockdown Noun A genetically modified organism that carries one or more genes in its chromosomes that has been made less active or had its expression reduced.
  4. knockdown Noun The use of a reagent such as an oligonucleotide with sequence complementary to an active gene or its mRNA transcript, to interfere with the expression of said gene.
  5. knockdown Noun The condition of a sailboat being pushed abruptly to horizontal, with the mast parallel to the water surface.
  6. knockdown Noun a short pass played downwards, for example from the head onto someone's feet.
  7. knockdown Adjective powerful enough to overwhelm or knock down
  8. knockdown Adjective reduced in price
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