Definition of knagged

Definition of knagged
  1. knagged Adjective Having protuberances, knobs or knots
  2. knagged Verb Past of knag
  3. knag Noun A short spur or stiff projection from the trunk or branch of a tree, such as the stunted dead branch of a fir
  4. knag Noun A peg or hook for hanging something on
  5. knag Noun One of the points of a stag's horn or a tine
  6. knag Noun A knot in a piece of wood or the base of a branch
  7. knag Noun A pointed rock or crag
  8. knag Noun A small cask or barrel; a keg or noggin
  9. knag Noun The woodpecker
  10. knag Verb To hang something on a peg
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