Definition of kit

Definition of kit
  1. kit Noun A circular wooden vessel, made of hooped staves.
  2. kit Noun A kind of basket made from straw of rushes, especially for holding fish; by extension, the contents of such a basket, used as a measure of weight.
  3. kit Noun A collection of items forming the equipment of a soldier, carried in a knapsack.
  4. kit Noun Any collection of items needed for a specific purpose, especially for use by a workman, or personal effects packed for travelling.
  5. kit Noun A collection of parts sold for the buyer to assemble.
  6. kit Noun Clothing.
  7. kit Noun A full software distribution, as opposed to a patch or upgrade.
  8. kit Verb To assemble or collect something into kits or sets or to give somebody a kit. See also kit out and other derived phrases.
  9. kit Adjective Something which came originally in kit form.
  10. kit Noun kitten
  11. kit Noun kit fox
  12. kit Noun a kit violin
  13. kit Noun a school of pigeons, especially domesticated, trained pigeons
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