Definition of kill

Definition of kill
  1. kill Noun The act of killing.
  2. kill Noun Specifically, the death blow.
  3. kill Noun The result of killing; that which has been killed.
  4. kill Verb To put to death; to extinguish the life of.
  5. kill Verb To invent a story that conveys the death of (a character).
  6. kill Verb To render inoperative.
  7. kill Verb To stop, cease or render void.
  8. kill Verb To amaze, exceed, stun or otherwise incapacitate.
  9. kill Verb To produce feelings of dissatisfaction or revulsion.
  10. kill Verb To use up or to waste.
  11. kill Verb To exert an overwhelming effect on.
  12. kill Verb To overpower, overwhelm or defeat.
  13. kill Verb To force a company out of business.
  14. kill Verb To produce intense pain.
  15. kill Verb To punish severely.
  16. kill Noun A creek; a body of water.
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