Definition of kenning

Definition of kenning
  1. kenning Noun Sight; view; a distant view at sea.
  2. kenning Noun Range or extent of vision, especially at sea; a marine measure of approximately twenty miles.
  3. kenning Noun As little as one can recognise or discriminate; a small portion; a little.
  4. kenning Verb Present participle of ken
  5. kenning Noun The tread of an egg; cicatricula.
  6. kenning Noun A metaphorical phrase used in Germanic poetry (especially Old English or Old Norse) whereby a simple thing is described in an allusive way, such as 'whale road' for 'sea', or 'enemy of the mast' for 'wind'.
  7. ken Noun Knowledge or perception.
  8. ken Noun Range of sight.
  9. ken Verb To know, perceive or understand.
  10. ken Verb To discover by sight; to catch sight of; to descry.
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