Definition of jumper

Definition of jumper
  1. jumper Noun Someone or something that jumps; eg. a participant in a jumping event in track or skiing.
  2. jumper Noun A woolen sweater or pullover.
  3. jumper Noun A loose outer jacket, especially one worn by workers and sailors.
  4. jumper Noun A one-piece, sleeveless dress, or a skirt with straps and a complete or partial bodice, usually worn over a blouse by women and children.
  5. jumper Noun ("usually as" "jumpers") Rompers.
  6. jumper Noun A short length of electrical conductor, to make a temporary connection. Also "jump wire".
  7. jumper Noun A removable connecting pin on an electronic circuit board.
  8. jumper Noun A person who attempts suicide by jumping from a great height.
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