Definition of jive

Definition of jive
  1. jive Verb To speak using a jibe or interconnected jibes.
  2. jive Verb To deceive; to be deceptive.
  3. jive Verb To dance.
  4. jive Noun A dance style popular in the 1940-50s.
  5. jive Noun Swing, a style of jazz music.
  6. jive Noun Jive talk, a slang associated with black American musicians.
  7. jive Noun Nonsense; transparently deceptive talk.
  8. jive Verb Alternative spelling of jibe
  9. jibe Noun A facetious or insulting remark, a jeer or taunt.
  10. jibe Noun A manoeuver in which the stern of a sailing boat or ship crosses the wind.
  11. jibe Noun sudden sweep of the boom of a sailboat across from one side of the boat to the other.
  12. jibe Verb To perform a jibe
  13. jibe Verb To agree.
  14. jibe Verb To cause to execute a jibe
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