Definition of jerking

Definition of jerking
  1. jerking Verb Present participle of jerk
  2. jerk Noun A sudden, often uncontrolled movement, especially of the body.
  3. jerk Noun A quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
  4. jerk Noun A dull or stupid person. (This meaning is given in the American Heritage Dictionary of 1969 whereas the following meaning is not.)
  5. jerk Noun A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered or disagreeable.
  6. jerk Noun The rate of change in acceleration with respect to time.
  7. jerk Noun A soda jerk.
  8. jerk Verb To make a sudden uncontrolled movement.
  9. jerk Verb To give a quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
  10. jerk Verb To masturbate.
  11. jerk Verb To beat, to hit.
  12. jerk Verb To throw.
  13. jerk Noun A rich, spicy Jamaican marinade
  14. jerk Noun Meat cured by jerking; charqui.
  15. jerk Verb To cure (meat) by cutting it into strips and drying it, originally in the sun.
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