Definition of jammed

Definition of jammed
  1. jammed Adjective Of or pertaining to something which is stuck.
  2. jammed Verb Past of jam
  3. jam Noun A sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar and allowed to congeal. Often spread on bread or toast or used in jam tarts.
  4. jam Noun A difficult situation.
  5. jam Noun Blockage, congestion.
  6. jam Noun An informal, impromptu performance or rehearsal.
  7. jam Noun A difficult situation for a pitcher or defending team.
  8. jam Noun A forceful dunk.
  9. jam Noun ("roller derby") A play during which points can be scored.
  10. jam Noun Any of several rock-climbing maneuvers requiring wedging of an extremity into a tight space.
  11. jam Noun luck.
  12. jam Verb To block or confuse a broadcast signal.
  13. jam Verb To throw a pitch at or near the batter's hands.
  14. jam Verb To play music (especially improvisation as a group.)
  15. jam Verb To get something stuck in a confined space.
  16. jam Verb To injure a finger or toe by sudden compression of the digit's tip.
  17. jam Verb To squeeze into a small space.
  18. jam Verb To brusquely force something into a space; cram.
  19. jam Verb Causing congestion or blockage. Often used with "up"
  20. jam Verb ("roller derby") To attempt to score points.
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