Definition of jackknife

Definition of jackknife
  1. jackknife Noun Alternative spelling of jack-knife
  2. jackknife Noun A resampling method that applies estimators to all subsamples that each omit a single different group (possibly of a single datapoint) of the original sample to provide a sample distribution of the estimate.
  3. jackknife Verb Alternative spelling of jack-knife
  4. jack-knife Noun A compact folding knife.
  5. jack-knife Noun The front-dive pike, in which the body folds and unfolds.
  6. jack-knife Noun A semi-trailer truck accident in which the vehicle mimics the closing of a jack-knife.
  7. jack-knife Noun Alternative spelling of jackknife
  8. jack-knife Verb To fold in the middle, as a jackknife does.
  9. jack-knife Verb To cause a semi-trailer truck to fold like a jackknife in a traffic accident.
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