Definition of jack

Definition of jack
  1. jack Noun A mechanical device used to raise and (temporarily) support a heavy object.
  2. jack Noun A man or men in general.
  3. jack Noun A male animal.
  4. jack Noun The card ranking between the and of any suit, picturing a knave or prince on its face. In some card games has a value of eleven based on its rank, but in many card games has a value of ten like the "ten", "queen", and cards. Also called a "knave".
  5. jack Noun A knave (a servant or later, a deceitful man).
  6. jack Noun A male ass.
  7. jack Noun A surface-mounted connector for electrical, especially telecommunications, equipment.
  8. jack Noun A target ball in bowls, etc; a jack-ball.
  9. jack Noun A small, six-pointed playing piece used in the game of jacks.
  10. jack Noun Nothing, jackshit.
  11. jack Noun A small flag at the bow of a ship.
  12. jack Noun A naval ensign flag flown from the main mast, mizzen mast, or the aft-most major mast of (especially) British sailing warships; Union Jack.
  13. jack Noun A coarse and cheap medieval coat of defense, especially one made of leather.
  14. jack Noun A penny with a head on both sides, used for cheating. (Reference: Sidney J. Baker, "The Australian Language", second edition, 1966, chapter XI section 3, page 243.)
  15. jack Noun Money.
  16. jack Noun A smooth often ovoid large gravel or small cobble in a natural water course.
  17. jack Noun A common name for the freshwater pike, green pike or pickerel.
  18. jack Noun Large California rockfish.
  19. jack Noun An order of marine fish in the "Carangidae" family.
  20. jack Noun A sailor; a "jack tar".
  21. jack Verb To use a jack.
  22. jack Verb To steal something, typically an automobile.
  23. jack Verb To raise or increase.
  24. jack Verb To hit (the ball) hard; especially, to hit (the ball) out of the field, producing a home run.
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