Definition of gybe

Definition of gybe
  1. gybe Verb To change tack with the wind crossing behind the boat. (Mostly used of boats and other small sailing craft - the corresponding manoeuver in a sailing ship is to wear.)
  2. gybe Verb To shift a fore-and-aft sail suddenly and forcefully from one side to the other, while sailing before the wind. (also jibe.)
  3. gybe Verb To sneer (see gibe.)
  4. gybe Verb gybe at: to hesitate, vacillate, or balk when faced with a proposal, plan, or course of action. ("Obsolete")
  5. gybe Noun The act of gybing.
  6. gybe Noun A sudden shift of a sail's angle, or a sudden change in the direction that a boat is sailing.
  7. gybe Noun A sudden change in direction or approach; vacillation.
  8. gybe Noun A sneer. (see gibe.)
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