Definition of guzzle

Definition of guzzle
  1. guzzle Verb To drink (or, sometimes, eat) quickly, voraciously, or to excess; to gulp down; to swallow greedily, continually, or with gust; said especially of alcohol consumption.
  2. guzzle Verb To consume alcoholic beverages, especially frequently or habitually.
  3. guzzle Verb To consume anything quickly, greedily, or to excess, as if with insatiable thirst.
  4. guzzle Noun Drink; intoxicating liquor.
  5. guzzle Noun A drinking bout; a debauch.
  6. guzzle Noun An insatiable thing or person.
  7. guzzle Noun A drain or ditch; a gutter; sometimes, a small stream. Also called "guzzen".
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