Definition of gutter

Definition of gutter
  1. gutter Noun A ditch along the side of a road.
  2. gutter Noun A duct or channel beneath the eaves of a building to carry rain water; eavestrough.
  3. gutter Noun A grooves down the sides of a bowling lane.
  4. gutter Noun A large groove (commonly behind animals) in a barn used for the collection and removal of animal excrement.
  5. gutter Noun A space between printed columns of text.
  6. gutter Noun Something distasteful or morally questionable.
  7. gutter Noun A drainage channel
  8. gutter Noun an unprinted space between rows of stamps.
  9. gutter Noun The part of a street meant for vehicles.
  10. gutter Adjective suitable for the gutter; vulgar, disreputable
  11. gutter Verb to flow or stream; to form gutters
  12. gutter Verb to melt away or fail from becoming channeled on one side
  13. gutter Verb to flicker as if about to be extinguished
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