Definition of grounden

Definition of grounden
  1. grounden Verb Past participle of grind
  2. grind Verb To make smaller by breaking with a device.
  3. grind Verb To rotate the hips suggestively.
  4. grind Verb To remove material by rubbing with an abrasive surface.
  5. grind Verb To slide the flat portion of a skateboard or snowboard across an obstacle such as a railing.
  6. grind Verb To repeat a task in a MMORPG or role-playing video game in order to gain levels or items.
  7. grind Verb To eat.
  8. grind Noun A specific degree of pulverization of coffee beans.
  9. grind Noun A tedious task.
  10. grind Noun A grinding trick on a skateboard or snowboard.
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