Definition of grip

Definition of grip
  1. grip Verb To take hold, particularly with the hand.
  2. grip Verb To help or assist, particularly in an emotional sense.
  3. grip Verb To do something with another that makes you happy/gives you relief
  4. grip Noun A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand.
  5. grip Noun A handle or other place to grip.
  6. grip Noun A person responsible for handling equipment on the set.
  7. grip Noun A channel cut through a grass verge (especially for the purpose of draining water away from the highway).
  8. grip Noun A lot of something.
  9. grip Noun Archaic spelling of grippe: Influenza, flu.
  10. grip Noun A small travelling-bag.
  11. grip Noun Assistance; help or encouragement.
  12. grip Noun A helpful, interesting, admirable, or inspiring person.
  13. grip Noun As much as one can hold in a hand; a handful.
  14. grippe Noun influenza, the flu
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