Definition of greening

Definition of greening
  1. greening Verb Present participle of green
  2. greening Noun The action of the verb "to green".
  3. greening Noun A type of pear.
  4. greening Noun A type of apple that is green when ripe.
  5. greening Adjective Becoming green in colour.
  6. green Adjective Having green as its color.
  7. green Adjective Sickly, unwell.
  8. green Adjective Inexperienced.
  9. green Adjective Environmentally friendly.
  10. green Adjective Overcome with envy.
  11. green Adjective Describing a pitch which, even if there is no visible grass, still contains a significant amount of moisture
  12. green Adjective Of bacon or similar smallgoods, unprocessed, raw, unsmoked; not smoked or spiced."unsmoked bacon used to be called green bacon, though the term is losing currency" [,17,IN.html Delia Online: Bacon, including gammon]
  13. green Adjective Unripe, said of certain fruits that change color when they ripen.
  14. green Adjective Of wine, high or too high in acidity.
  15. green Adjective Of freshly cut wood or lumber that has not been dried, containing moisture and therefore relatively more flexible or springy.
  16. green Adjective naïve or unaware of obvious facts.
  17. green Noun The colour of growing foliage, as well as other plant cells containing chlorophyll; the colour between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum; one of the primary additive colour for transmitted light; the colour obtained by subtracting red and blue from white light using cyan and yellow filters.
  18. green Noun A member of a green party; an environmentalist.
  19. green Noun A putting green, the part of a golf course near the hole.
  20. green Noun The surface upon which bowls is played.
  21. green Noun One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 3 points.
  22. green Noun a public patch of land in the middle of a settlement.
  23. green Noun marijuana.
  24. green Noun Money.
  25. green Verb To make (something) green, to turn (something) green.
  26. green Verb To add green spaces to (a town).
  27. green Verb To become environmentally aware.
  28. green Verb To make (something) environmentally friendly.
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