Definition of grain

Definition of grain
  1. grain Noun The harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops eg: wheat, corn, barley.
  2. grain Noun A single seed of grain.
  3. grain Noun The crops from which grain is harvested.
  4. grain Noun A linear texture of a material or surface.
  5. grain Noun A single particle of a substance.
  6. grain Noun A very small unit of weight, in England equal to 1/480 of an ounce troy, 0.0648 grams or, to be more exact, 64.79891 milligrams. A carat grain or pearl grain is 1/4 carat or 50 milligrams. The old French grain was 1/9216 livre or 53.11 milligrams, and in the "mesures usuelles" permitted from 1812 to 1839, with the livre redefined as 500 grams, it was 54.25 milligrams.
  7. grain Noun ("materials") A region within a material having a single crystal structure or direction.
  8. grain Verb To feed grain to.
  9. grain Verb To make granular; to form into grains.
  10. grain Verb To texture a surface in imitation of the grain of a substance such as wood.
  11. grain Verb To remove the hair or fat from a skin.
  12. grain Verb To soften leather.
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