Definition of grading

Definition of grading
  1. grading Verb Present participle of grade
  2. grade Noun A rating.
  3. grade Noun A degree or level of something; a position within a scale; a degree of quality.
  4. grade Noun A slope (up or down) of a roadway or other passage
  5. grade Noun A level of pre-collegiate education.
  6. grade Noun A student of a particular grade (used with the grade level).
  7. grade Noun An area that has been "graded" by a grader (construction machine)
  8. grade Noun The level of the ground.
  9. grade Noun A gradian.
  10. grade Verb To assign scores to the components of an academic test.
  11. grade Verb To assign a score to overall academic performance.
  12. grade Verb To flatten, level, or smooth a large surface.
  13. grade Verb To remove or trim part of a seam allowance from a finished seam so as to reduce bulk and make the finished piece more even when turned right side out.
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