Definition of glowing

Definition of glowing
  1. glowing Verb Present participle of glow
  2. glowing Noun The action of the verb glow.
  3. glowing Adjective That glows or glow.
  4. glowing Adjective Full of praise.
  5. glow Verb To give off light from heat or to emit light as if heated.
  6. glow Verb To radiate some emotional quality like light.
  7. glow Verb To gaze especially passionately at something.
  8. glow Verb To radiate thermal heat.
  9. glow Verb To shine brightly and steadily.
  10. glow Verb To sweat
  11. glow Noun The state of a glowing object.
  12. glow Noun The condition of being passionate or having warm feelings.
  13. glow Noun The brilliance or warmth of color in an environment or on a person (especially one's face).
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