Definition of ginger

Definition of ginger
  1. ginger Noun Any plant of a genus ("Zingiber", especially "Zingiber officinale") of tropical Asiatic and Polynesian herbs of a family ("Zingiberaceae", the ginger family) with pungent aromatic rhizomes used as a condiment and as a stimulant and acarminative.
  2. ginger Noun The rhizome of this plant used as a spice either as it is or in dried powdered form.
  3. ginger Noun A reddish-brown colour/color.
  4. ginger Noun A person with reddish-brown hair.
  5. ginger Adjective ("used to describe hair") Of a reddish-brown colour.
  6. ginger Adjective flavoured with ginger.
  7. ginger Adjective Queer (ie, homosexual) ("short for" ginger beer, "rhyming with" queer).
  8. ginger Verb To add ginger to.
  9. ginger Verb To enliven.
  10. ginger Verb To move gingerly.
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