Definition of gig

Definition of gig
  1. gig Noun A performing engagement by a musical group; or, generally, any job or role for a musician or performer.
  2. gig Noun Any job; especially one that is temporary; or alternately, one that is very desirable.
  3. gig Noun A two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage.
  4. gig Noun A forked spear for catching fish, frogs, or other small animals.
  5. gig Noun A six-oared sea rowing boat commonly found in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
  6. gig Noun A demerit received for some infraction of military dress or deportment codes. {as in "I received gigs for buttons un-buttoned"}
  7. gig Verb To catch with a gig.
  8. gig Verb To engage in musical performances.
  9. gig Verb To make fun of; to make a joke at someone's expense, often condescending.
  10. gig Verb To impose a demerit for an infraction of a U.S. Military dress or deportment code" as in: "His Sergeant "gigged" him for an unmade bunk."
  11. gig Noun A gigabyte.
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