Definition of geese

Definition of geese
  1. geese Noun Irregular plural of goose
  2. goose Noun Any of various grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae, bigger than a duck
  3. goose Noun A stupid person
  4. goose Noun A tailor's iron, heated in live coals or embers, used to press fabrics.
  5. goose Verb To sharply poke or pinch someone's buttocks. Derived from a goose's inclination to bite at a retreating intruder's hindquarters.
  6. goose Verb To gently accelerate an automobile or machine, or give repeated small taps on the accelerator.
  7. goose Verb Of private-hire taxi drivers, to pick up a passenger who has not pre-booked a cab. This is unauthorised under UK licensing conditions.
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