Definition of gat

Definition of gat
  1. gat Noun A Gatling gun.
  2. gat Noun Any type of gun; usually in reference to a pistol.
  3. gat Verb To shoot someone with a pistol or other handheld firearm.
  4. gat Noun A guitar
  5. gat Verb Simple past of get
  6. get Verb To obtain, purchase or acquire.
  7. get Verb To receive.
  8. get Verb To fetch.
  9. get Verb To become.
  10. get Verb To cause to become; to bring about.
  11. get Verb (used with preposition) To don or doff clothing, etc.
  12. get Verb To cause to do.
  13. get Verb To betake oneself.
  14. get Verb To arrive (at) or progress (towards a place or outcome).
  15. get Verb To adopt or assume (a certain position or state).
  16. get Verb To begin (doing something).
  17. get Verb To take or catch (a scheduled transportation service).
  18. get Verb To respond to (a telephone call, a doorbell, etc).
  19. get Verb To be able, permitted (to do something); to have the opportunity (to do something).
  20. get Verb To understand (often used as ).
  21. get Verb To be ("used to form the passive of verbs").
  22. get Verb To become ill with or catch (a disease).
  23. get Verb To catch out, trick successfully.
  24. get Verb To perplex, stump.
  25. get Verb To find as an answer.
  26. get Verb To bring to reckoning; to catch (as a criminal); to effect retribution.
  27. get Verb To hear completely; catch.
  28. get Verb To getter.
  29. get Verb To beget (of a father).
  30. get Noun Offspring.
  31. get Noun Lineage.
  32. get Noun A difficult return or block of a shot.
  33. get Noun A "git".
  34. get Noun A Jewish writ of divorce.
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