Definition of gas

Definition of gas
  1. gas Noun Matter in a state intermediate between liquid and plasma that can be contained only if it is fully surrounded by a solid (or held together by gravitational pull); it can condense into a liquid, or can (rarely) become a solid directly.
  2. gas Noun A chemical element or compound in such a state.
  3. gas Noun A flammable gaseous hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon mixture (typically predominantly methane) used as a fuel, e.g. for cooking, heating, electricity generation or as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehicles.
  4. gas Noun A hob on a gas cooker.
  5. gas Noun Methane or other waste gases trapped in one's belly as a result of the digestive process.
  6. gas Noun A humorous or entertaining event or person.
  7. gas Noun A fastball.
  8. gas Verb To kill with poisonous gas.
  9. gas Verb To talk, chat.
  10. gas Verb To emit gas.
  11. gas Noun Gasoline; a derivative of petroleum used as fuel.
  12. gas Verb To give a vehicle more fuel in order to accelerate it.
  13. gas Verb To fill (a vehicle's fuel tank) with fuel
  14. gas Adjective comical, zany.
  15. gas Noun Plural of ├Ąga
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