Definition of gan

Definition of gan
  1. gan Verb Simple past of gin
  2. gan Verb To go.
  3. gin Noun A colourless non-aged alcoholic liquor made by distilling fermented grains such as barley, corn, oats or rye with juniper berries; the base for many cocktails.
  4. gin Noun gin rummy
  5. gin Noun drawing the best card or combination of cards
  6. gin Noun A trick; a device or instrument.
  7. gin Noun A snare or trap for game.
  8. gin Noun A machine for hoisting or moving heavy objects.
  9. gin Noun A pile driver.
  10. gin Noun A windpump.
  11. gin Noun A cotton gin.
  12. gin Verb To remove the seeds from cotton with a cotton gin.
  13. gin Verb To trap something in a gin.
  14. gin Verb To invent (via Irish), see gin up
  15. gin Verb To begin.
  16. gin Noun An Aboriginal woman.
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