Definition of gaming

Definition of gaming
  1. gaming Verb Present participle of game
  2. gaming Noun The business of offering games of chance for money.
  3. gaming Noun Playing a game with a video interface.
  4. gaming Noun Careful, strategic use of rules to achieve one's purposes, as one would use the rules of a game.
  5. game Noun A pursuit or activity with rules performed either alone or with others, for the purpose of entertainment. In many games, the objective is to win by defeating the other player or players or being the first to reach a specified goal, while in others, role-playing or cooperation is emphasized.
  6. game Noun A contest between two individuals or teams. A game may refer to the entire encounter between the two (e.g. a basketball game), or to just one contest of several required to win (e.g. a tennis game).
  7. game Noun An exercise simulating warfare for the purpose of training personnel, testing combat readiness, or to better understand various possible outcomes of various strategies or tactics. The exercise may involve human participants, or it may be simulated, often with the aid of computers.
  8. game Noun Wild animals hunted for food.
  9. game Noun The entire being of an industry, activity or profession.
  10. game Noun The ability to successfully seduce someone into a romantic relationship, usually achieved by pre-meditated strategy.
  11. game Adjective Willing to participate.
  12. game Adjective An animal that shows a tendency to continue to fight against another animal, despite being wounded, often severely.
  13. game Verb To gamble.
  14. game Verb To play games and be a gamer.
  15. game Verb To use a system or bureaucracy in a way which defeats or nullifies the rules in effect, usually to obtain a result which otherwise would be unobtainable.
  16. game Verb To perform premeditated seduction strategy.
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