Definition of gain

Definition of gain
  1. gain Preposition Against.
  2. gain Adjective Straight, direct; near; short.
  3. gain Adjective Suitable; convenient; ready.
  4. gain Adjective Easy; tolerable; handy, dexterous.
  5. gain Adjective Honest; respectable; moderate; cheap.
  6. gain Adverb Straightly; quickly; by the nearest way or means.
  7. gain Adverb Suitably; conveniently; dexterously; moderately.
  8. gain Adverb Tolerably; fairly.
  9. gain Noun The act of gaining.
  10. gain Noun What one gains, as a return on investment or dividend.
  11. gain Noun The factor by which a signal is multiplied.
  12. gain Verb To acquire possession of what one did not have before.
  13. gain Verb To increase.
  14. gain Verb To be more likely to catch or overtake an individual.
  15. gain Verb To reach.
  16. gain Verb To put on weight.
  17. gain Verb To run fast.
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