Definition of gag

Definition of gag
  1. gag Abbreviation group specific antigens
  2. gag Noun A device to restrain speech, such as a rag in the mouth secured with tape or a rubber ball threaded onto a cord or strap.
  3. gag Noun An order or rule forbidding discussion of a case or subject..
  4. gag Noun A joke or other mischievous prank.
  5. gag Noun A convulsion of the upper digestive tract.
  6. gag Verb To experience the vomiting reflex.
  7. gag Verb To smoke: to order a recruit to exercise until he "gags" (usually spoken in exaggeration).
  8. gag Verb To restrain someone's speech by blocking his or her mouth.
  9. gag Verb To restrain someone's speech without using physical means.
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