Definition of flaming

Definition of flaming
  1. flaming Adjective On fire with visible flames.
  2. flaming Adjective Extremely, visibly. Typically of a homosexual male.
  3. flaming Adjective Damned, bloody.
  4. flaming Verb Present participle of flame
  5. flame Noun The visible part of fire.
  6. flame Noun A romantic partner or lover in usually short-lived but passionate affair.
  7. flame Noun Intentionally insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger.
  8. flame Noun A brilliant reddish orange-gold fiery colour.
  9. flame Verb To produce flames.
  10. flame Verb To post a destructively critical or abusive message, especially to provoke dissent or controversy
  11. flame Adjective Of a brilliant reddish orange-gold colour, like that of a flame.
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