Definition of egg

Definition of egg
  1. egg Noun An approximately spherical or ellipsoidal body produced by birds, snakes, insects and other animals housing the embryo during its development.
  2. egg Noun The "egg" of a domestic fowl as an item of food.
  3. egg Noun The contents of one or more (hen's usually) eggs as a culinary ingredient, etc.
  4. egg Noun The female primary cell, the ovum.
  5. egg Noun Something shaped like an egg, such as an Easter egg or a chocolate egg.
  6. egg Noun A swelling on one's head, usually large or noticeable, associated with an injury.
  7. egg Noun A person of Caucasian (Western) ancestry, who has a strong desire to learn about and immerse him- or herself in East Asian culture, and/or such a person who is perceived as behaving as if he or she were Asian.
  8. egg Noun A foolish or obnoxious person.
  9. egg Verb To throw "eggs" at.
  10. egg Verb To dip in or coat with beaten "egg" (cooking).
  11. egg Verb To distort a circular cross-section (as in a tube) to an elliptical or oval shape, either inadvertently or intentionally.
  12. egg Verb To encourage, incite.
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