Definition of dun

Definition of dun
  1. dun Noun A brownish grey colour.
  2. dun Adjective Of a brownish grey colour.
  3. dun Noun A collector of debts.
  4. dun Verb To ask or beset a debtor for payment.
  5. dun Verb To harass by continually repeating e.g. a request.
  6. dun Noun A valley in the Himalayan foothills, e.g. Dehra Dun.
  7. dun Noun A newly hatched, immature mayfly
  8. dun Verb Eye dialect of done: Past of do
  9. done Adjective Ready, fully cooked.
  10. done Adjective In a state of having completed or finished an activity.
  11. done Adjective Being exhausted or fully spent.
  12. done Adjective Without hope or prospect of completion or success.
  13. done Adjective Fashionable, socially acceptable, tasteful.
  14. done Verb Past participle of do
  15. done Verb Used in forming the perfective aspect.
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