Definition of devil

Definition of devil
  1. devil Noun A creature of hell.
  2. devil Noun ("the devil" "or" "the Devil") The chief devil; Satan.
  3. devil Noun The bad part of the conscience; the opposite to the angel.
  4. devil Noun A wicked or naughty person, or one who harbors reckless, spirited energy, especially in a mischievous way; usually said of a young child.
  5. devil Noun A thing that is awkward or difficult to understand or do.
  6. devil Noun Hell.
  7. devil Noun A person, especially a man; used to express a particular opinion of him, usually in the phrases "poor devil" and "lucky devil".
  8. devil Noun A dust devil.
  9. devil Noun An evil or erroneous entity.
  10. devil Noun barren, unproductive and unused, as in .Dictionary of Regional American English[ Word Detective: Tales from the berm]
  11. devil Verb To annoy or bother; to bedevil.
  12. devil Verb To grill with cayenne pepper; to season highly in cooking, as with pepper.
  13. devil Verb To finely grind cooked ham or other meat with spices and condiments.
  14. devil Verb To prepare a sidedish of shelled halved boiled eggs to whose extracted yolks are added condiments and spices, which mixture then is placed into the halved whites to be served.
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