Definition of dark

Definition of dark
  1. dark Adjective Having an absolute or (more often) relative lack of light.
  2. dark Adjective Dull or deeper in hue; not bright or light.
  3. dark Adjective Hidden, secret
  4. dark Adjective Without moral or spiritual light; sinister, malign.
  5. dark Adjective Conducive to hopelessness; depressing or bleak
  6. dark Adjective Lacking progress in science or the arts; said of a time period
  7. dark Adjective With emphasis placed on the unpleasant aspects of life; said of a work of fiction, a work of nonfiction presented in narrative form or a portion of either
  8. dark Adjective Extinguished.
  9. dark Noun A complete or (more often) partial absence of light.
  10. dark Noun Ignorance.
  11. dark Noun Nightfall.
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