Definition of closed

Definition of closed
  1. closed Adjective Sealed, made inaccessible or impassable; not open
  2. closed Adjective Not operating or conducting trade
  3. closed Adjective Non public (as in closed source)
  4. closed Adjective Having an open complement.
  5. closed Adjective Such that its image under the specified operation is contained in it.
  6. closed Adjective Lacking a free variable.
  7. closed Verb Past of close
  8. close Verb To obstruct (an opening).
  9. close Verb To move so that an opening is closed.
  10. close Verb To put an end to.
  11. close Verb To make (e.g. a gap) smaller.
  12. close Verb To have a vector sum of 0; that is, to form a closed polygon.
  13. close Verb To make a sale.
  14. close Verb To make the final outs, usually three, of a game.
  15. close Verb To terminate a computer program or a window or file thereof.
  16. close Noun An end of something.
  17. close Adjective Closed, shut.
  18. close Adjective At a little distance; near.
  19. close Adjective Intimate; well-loved.
  20. close Adjective hot, humid, with no wind.
  21. close Noun An enclosed field.
  22. close Noun A street that ends in a dead end.
  23. close Noun A very narrow alley between two buildings, often overhung by one of the buildings above the ground floor.
  24. close Noun A cathedral close.
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