Definition of broken

Definition of broken
  1. broken Verb Past participle of break
  2. broken Adjective Fragmented, in separate pieces.
  3. broken Adjective Having the bone in pieces, fractured.
  4. broken Adjective Split or ruptured.
  5. broken Adjective Not working properly.
  6. broken Adjective Completely defeated and dispirited.
  7. broken Adjective Grammatically non-standard, especially as a result of being a non-native speaker.
  8. broken Adjective Having no money, bankrupt, broke.
  9. broken Adjective Disconnected, no longer open or carrying traffic.
  10. broken Adjective Badly designed or implemented.
  11. broken Adjective Five-eighths to seven-eighths obscured by clouds.
  12. broken Adjective Powerful enough to be considered overpowered.
  13. broken Adjective Not having gone in the way intended; saddening.
  14. break Verb To end up in two or more pieces that cannot easily be reassembled.
  15. break Verb To cause to end up in two or more pieces that cannot easily be reassembled.
  16. break Verb To divide (something, often money) into smaller units.
  17. break Verb Of a bone, to crack or fracture due to a physical strain, such as a collision.
  18. break Verb To cause, accidentally or intentionally, (a bone) to crack under physical strain.
  19. break Verb To cause (a person) to lose his spirit or will; to crush the spirits of; to ruin (a person) emotionally.
  20. break Verb To cause an animal to lose its will, to tame.
  21. break Verb To cause (a habit) to no longer exist.
  22. break Verb To ruin financially.
  23. break Verb To do that which is forbidden by (a rule or rules).
  24. break Verb To design or use a powerful (yet legal) strategy that unbalances the game in a player's favor.
  25. break Verb To stop functioning properly or altogether.
  26. break Verb To cause to stop functioning properly or altogether.
  27. break Verb To cause (a barrier) to no longer bar.
  28. break Verb To collapse into surf, after arriving in shallow water. A wave "breaking".
  29. break Verb To interrupt or cease one's work or occupation temporarily.
  30. break Verb To interrupt (a fall) by inserting something so that the falling object not hit something else beneath.
  31. break Verb To disclose or make known an item of news, etc.
  32. break Verb To arrive.
  33. break Verb To become audible suddenly.
  34. break Verb To change a steady state abruptly.
  35. break Verb To suddenly become.
  36. break Verb Of a voice, to alter in type: in men generally to go up, in women sometimes to go down; to crack.
  37. break Verb To surpass or do better than (a specific number), to do better than (an record), setting a new record.
  38. break Verb To demote, to reduce the military rank of.
  39. break Verb To end (a connection), to disconnect.
  40. break Verb To demulsify.
  41. break Verb To counter-attack
  42. break Noun An instance of breaking something into two pieces.
  43. break Noun A physical space that opens up in something or between two things.
  44. break Noun A short section of music, often between verses, in which some performers stop while others continue.
  45. break Noun A rest or pause, usually from work; a breaktime.
  46. break Noun A temporary split (with a romantic partner).
  47. break Noun An interval or intermission between two parts of a performance, for example a theatre show, broadcast, or sports game.
  48. break Noun A significant change in circumstance, attitude, perception, or focus of attention: big break, lucky break.
  49. break Noun a change; the end of a spell of persistent good or bad weather
  50. break Noun The beginning (of the morning).
  51. break Noun An act of escaping.
  52. break Noun A place where waves break (that is, where waves pitch or spill forward creating white water).
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