Definition of bate

Definition of bate
  1. bate Verb To reduce the force of something; to abate.
  2. bate Verb To restrain, usually with the sense of being in anticipation; as, "with bated breath".
  3. bate Verb To cut off, remove, take away.
  4. bate Noun Strife; contention.
  5. bate Verb To contend or strive with blows or arguments.
  6. bate Verb Of a falcon: To flap the wings vigorously.
  7. bate Noun An alkaline lye which neutralizes the effect of the previous application of lime, and makes hides supple in the process of tanning.
  8. bate Noun A vat which contains this liquid.
  9. bate Verb To soak leather so as to remove chemicals used in tanning; to steep in bate.
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